Attracting the man of your dreams

There is this guy who perhaps has an interest in you or that guy who you really feel for but you do not know what to do in order to draw his full attention and also how to make him desire you.You are a great and gorgeous girl and should appreciate yourself and take up steps and a plan to make him not only yearn for you but also fall for you and always want to be with you.The secret is not in trying too hard! but in getting it right.

It is the dream and aspiration of every lady to look stunning and sassy. To attract that man of your dream,you should always strive to be natural.A man will want a lady who is real.You don”t need to stuff yourself in so much make up and so much perfume or hair products.Most men are after a girl who feels great about herself even without any touch of make-up!Ensure you are as natural as possible and that guy you have always wanted will chase after you as if you are the only girl on this planet.

Another secret to make him yearn for you the more is avoiding seeming too costly or unreachable to him.Although men will want to pursue you,if you seem as a far visionary dream for him,he will likely be discouraged and lose interest quickly.Your mode of dressing,fashion,lifestyle and beauty should therefore be as reachable to him as possible.If you seem too expensive,a guy may shy away from you because he may imagine you demands are also many.As much as you may desire and use nice stuff and products please do so moderately so as not intimidate him.Nevertheless,you still must let him treat you specially;open car doors,hold your hand,take you to the movies and dates.

You should also aspire to be as mysterious as possible.But how?Guys want to be kept in the dark and guessing as much as possible.Your personality and body should not all be in the public domain for him to see.As much as you should dress elegantly,sexily and appealingly,avoid wearing clothes which shows your body parts such as your thighs,butts or cleavage.This will ultimately push him to pursue you and be determined to explore you.Your personality should be revealed to him in bits and not in a wholesome.Keep him guessing as long as you can.

Dating golden rule.Girls should never ever call or text first.The moment you have either met or returned from a date,it is not your duty to call first.That is your guy’s role.This is particularly very vital during the first moments of your dating.If you take the first move,your intentions may be misunderstood and it may seem you are more into him than he is into you.This may also portray you as cheap or desperate and you may be taken as such.Guys want to work harder for you a little bit more.So no matter how much you might be missing him,never should you make that call to him.