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Yoga Burn Program by Zoe

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The yoga burn for women is a digital body shaping program meant for women. It is fully downloadable to mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers making it accessible with or without the internet. This program is unique and efficient due to its strategic approach to healthy weight loss. It has three phases called dynamic sequencing that is very crucial in approaching the process of weight loss. The program was created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and an expert in female fitness. She has taught major styles in yoga for more than a decade.

The only secret that leads to success in this program lies within the three phases. The phases teach you how to perform each and every movement properly and gradually continues to increase the challenge at the moment when your body is already used to the routine. The body adapts to these changes leading to a build up of a shapely feminine body. The program guides you through a series of videos that are arranged in a way that will keep your mind focused so that you don’t get bored with the whole situation.

Below are the three phases of the program:

Phase 1: Foundational flow.

This phase is aimed at building a solid yoga foundation. It takes four weeks so that you can learn about the foundation of strong practice in yoga as well as helping you to start shaping up and build muscles. You will realize that you can execute a proper body movement and build a strong mind and body connection. This is a very important phase that will help you to progress to the next phases safely.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow.

This stage is designed to help you understand how to combine the moves that you learned in phase 1 and translate them into a smooth flow that will enable you to burn more calories and increase your heart rate. Here you are more comfortable with all the basic moves since your muscles and the whole body can execute these movements easily. The videos provided here are for the lower body, upper body and the core.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow.

This phase might be challenging since you have to combine all the moves that you learned in the first two phases into a sequence that will activate your metabolism and transform your entire body in a way that you could never imagine. The video layout is slightly different from those of the previous phases. For example, there is more repetition that is meant to encourage the targeted muscle to fatigue. This phase reenergizes your body and maximizes your weight loss.


The videos take 45 minutes each, the most interesting part of it is that it can be done anywhere and at any time you are free to practice. It is important to complete the three videos that are provided for a week in order to yield desirable results. In the same program, there are some bonus videos which are optional but you are advised to complete them as well since they can improve your self-confidence, emotional well-being and give you overall happiness.


A Few Weight Loss Tips

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According to the flat belly report, many people are prone to various diseases because of their weight. These diseases include; heart diseases, renal diseases and metabolic disease such as diabetes mellitus. Most of the victims find trouble cutting down that weight in order to avoid repercussions brought along with such unregulated weight. There are a number of ways which you can employ to bring down your weight and have healthy living and acceptable body mass index values.The following are weight loss tips:

1. Drinking green tea

Research has shown that,green tea contains antioxidants referred to as catechins which enhance metabolism ensuring excess fats stored in the body are burned down to provide energy hence subsequent weight loss.

2. Start weight lifting

Weight lifting will build on your muscles tissue. These tissues burn a lot of calories in the body whether or not you are at work. The greater the lean muscle you have the faster you will lose your weight. While at home you can do some push-ups , lunges or even a few squats. You can also use free weights at home to perform simple triceps or biceps pulls and curls respectively.

3. Reduce salt intake

Salt contain sodium which when it is reabsorbed into the kidney water follows it hence consequent water retention. This makes you appear and feel as if you are bloated. Do not take too much of salt. The recommended values per day is taking not more than 2.4 grams/approximately one teaspoon full of sodium. Be watchful on your sodium intake . This may not necessarily mean you completely abscond salt intake but rather taking it sparingly.

4. Getting sleep

Denying yourself sleep makes you fat. People who sleep less than four hours in a night experience slower rates of metabolism as compared to their counterparts who get up to a recommended eight hours of sleep every other night. Ensuring you get enough sleep shades your weight.

5. Eating every meal

Some people deny themselves meals in an attempt to cut their weight but the contrary happen. This is because the body misinterpret” thinking” that it is a signal of starvation hence converting the little you take and store them in form of fats for retrieval later for use by the body. It is therefore advisable to take regulated meal rather than skipping.

6. Evening walk

Anytime exercise is good but given the fact that your metabolism slows down towards evening, it will be prudent of you to take some minutes to do some exercise at this time . This will raise your metabolic rate.

The above weight loss tips are paramount to healthy living of a human being.