Best Workout to Slimm Down

Which workout is most effective in achieving which fitness goal? The first part of the series from Happy Body is about the optimal workout to lose weight. But losing weight is only possible with fitness training, which rarely works. To avoid a yo-yo effect, a healthy and protein-rich diet is also necessary.

Combining a slimming workout with a conscious diet

In principle, losing weight sustainably is quite simple. You simply have to consume more calories than you consume. But of course losing weight is only simple in principle, otherwise not so many people would try one diet after the other to finally become slimmer.

The key to success is an effective weight loss workout combined with a conscious and healthy diet.

Which workout is particularly suitable for losing weight?

Let’s leave the nutritional aspect aside and answer the question: Which workout is the best way to lose weight?

Again, a combination of calorie consuming cardio exercises and strength training is the most effective. Strength training, however, is frowned upon by many women, either because they are worried about becoming muscle-bound or because they believe that training can be too strenuous. However, muscle building training is essential if you want your slimming workout to be a lasting success.

Why is that?

Calorie consumption is determined by two variables: basal metabolic rate and power metabolic rate. The power consumption is influenced by our physical activities. The more active you are, the higher the power consumption. The basal metabolic rate, on the other hand, is the number of calories that the organism needs to maintain bodily functions alone and thus burns. And this is where muscles come into play: the more muscle a person has, the higher his basal metabolic rate. In contrast to body fat, muscles consume energy permanently. Around the clock, even when asleep and sitting at work.

But since the basal metabolic rate is not everything, the performance metabolic rate must also be correct. Therefore, the workout to lose weight should not only include muscle building training, but also endurance training. Under high continuous load, many calories burn – units on the treadmill and crosstrainer are ideal, calorie consumption is particularly high with these two cardio machines. Indoor cycling is one of the courses that kill a lot of calories.

Our tip for the training mix:

Try training at least three times a week.

With a weekly training time of 4 to 5 hours, do about 3 hours of strength training and 2 hours of endurance training.

If you combine both types of training on the same day, you first have to work on the equipment and weights and then on the treadmill, crosstrainer or bike.

Beginners should start cardio training with sessions of a maximum of 15 minutes and steadily increase both duration and intensity.

For strength training, a trainer will introduce you to the equipment and work with you to create an individual training plan that is tailored to your fitness level.

Your diet must be right for your workout to enable you to lose weight permanently.

Only losing weight with sport is difficult, as already mentioned. Who does not screw at the same time at its nutrition, will lose hardly lastingly pounds. A small example will show why. A person who weighs 70 kilograms and jogges for half an hour burns around 360 kilocalories. But that’s only about as many calories as there are in a piece of pizza. So if you treat yourself to a large portion of pasta or a whole pizza after the half-hour run, you will consume significantly more calories than you have reduced by jogging.

A conscious, healthy and varied diet is therefore indispensable in order to lose weight, flanked by an effective workout.

It is important to keep both the fat and carbohydrate content in the diet low – and at the same time to consume enough protein. Proteins, especially those with a high biological value such as the whey protein contained in My Q quark cream, fuel muscle growth and also have a satiating effect.

Therefore an increase in proteins prevents the feeling of hunger, which can arise through the reduced consumption of carbohydrates during the diet/change of diet.

Such a healthy, protein-rich diet combined with a strength endurance workout – and losing weight is a success!