Dating Secrets for Men

When it comes to dating secrets, the key word here is “active.” There is nothing active about sitting across from your date all night nodding your head in agreement. If you want to connect with a woman, you have to contribute something meaningful to the conversation. Listening is not enough; you must show that you are listening by responding appropriately and finding areas of common ground between the two of you. This is how romantic chemistry is discovered. In addition, resist the urge to blindly agree with everything she says. Put your two cents in (without being combative, of course) so you can have an honest, genuine interaction.

Take Charge of the Date

When you ask a girl out, it is up to you to plan the evening and make sure all of the details have been ironed out. Take the lead by planning where you will go in advance rather than asking for her input. This shows that you are confident and that you can be trusted to handle a situation two important qualities that women look for in a man.

Now, taking charge does not mean that you should be inflexible. If you tell her that you are taking her out for Thai food, but she responds by saying that she does not care for it, by all means change your plans.

Demonstrate High Standards

When men are too agreeable and willing to take whatever comes, it can be perceived as a weakness. Women like a man who has high standards and who is not afraid to pursue what he wants. This shows some of the alpha qualities that, when expressed with some restraint, can be a tremendous asset. This does not mean that you should act like a bully or a caveman. Rather, you should project strength and confidence, and show a degree of assertiveness when appropriate.

For example, if the hostess at the restaurant seats you at an uncomfortable table right next to the kitchen or the restrooms, you should politely but firmly ask to be moved to a more suitable one.

Convey That You Have Your Own Life

A common mistake men make is to make themselves too available. Giving a woman the impression that you will drop everything for her at any time is actually a turnoff. A man who is too amenable is usually perceived as a doormat who will let a woman walk all over him. This is hardly an attractive quality. Show the women you date that you value your time, and that you have a life of your own outside of the relationship. Would you be attracted to a woman who was constantly waiting by the phone for you to call? Probably not, so remember that that street goes both ways.