First Date Blunders to Avoid

Getting a first date with a woman you are interested in is great. However, you have just gotten your foot in the door. Now you have to make a good impression and charm her into your good graces. Many first dates go south because of silly mistakes which could have been avoided. Make sure you avoid the following blunders on your big date.

Showing up Late

You are trying to make a solid impression, so do not start off the night by being late. Leaving the poor girl sitting in a restaurant wondering if you are going to show is a pretty lousy start one you may not be able to recover from so plan a head and be on time. There are two sides to every coin, so do not make the opposite mistake of showing up an hour early and waiting like an anxious puppy. Women can smell desperation from a mile away, and the odor is quite unpleasant. Get there 5 to 10 minutes early so you can greet her warmly when she arrives.

Dominating the Conversation

Your job on a first date is to share a few vital details about yourself and spend the rest of the evening attentively listening. Ask her about the things she seems most passionate about in life, and show genuine interest in her answers. Now, conversations do go both ways, so do not sit there like a dunce nodding your head all evening. Share relevant experiences and keep asking good questions. When you get a woman talking about the things she loves you are more likely to become one of them.

My Ex Used To…

We have all had past relationships, and there is a time and a place to discuss them with new love interests. However, the first date is definitely not that time. Keep the “ex talk” to an absolute minimum and focus on the two of you and what is happening now. If things go well you will undoubtedly share some details about your romantic history in the future, but for now the only woman you should be discussing is your date.
Keep the conversation on track by focusing the discussion on the present and the future. Sure, you can tell a story or two from the past, but try not to dwell there. You both want to know if the two of you have a possible future together, so talk about your plans and dreams to see if they are compatible.

The Overzealous Approach

You clearly want to impress your date but try not to make your attempts too obvious. Guys have a habit of getting over-enthusiastic and trying too hard, and the results are usually disappointing. If you are genuine, open, honest and considerate, your chances of sparking her interest are great. There is no need to be boastful, so just rely on your natural charms to pique her interest and save the bravado and tall tales for your drinking buddies. The same goes for flirting. A little is good, but try not to overdo it, as women tend to get turned off by overly aggressive behavior on a first date.