How To Join Amazon Sales Platform

Amazon provides a platform, in Portuguese, to attract national SMEs to sell through this global marketplace. How to join?

Since the end of 2016, it is easier for Portuguese companies of any size to sell abroad. Portugal was the third country to have a specific Amazon platform for SMEs, after Poland and the Netherlands.

The giant’s goal is to reach Portuguese companies that want to win customers and export to any part of the world. With only one registration, the products are accessible simultaneously on Amazon’s five European pages (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy). This is all the more important if you think that Amazon’s entry into the national market may be imminent, which gives it another dimension, possibly extending it to our own domestic market.

The Seattle company, through Amazon Services Europe, provides companies that join the platform with information on the services and an instruction manual, both in Portuguese, an intuitive sales account, customer support in five languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian) and a “simple” payment method, with fraud protection features. It’s all on the Sell on Amazon page.

In addition, member companies can also use Amazon’s European logistics network through the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program. The FBA program allows companies to ship their products to one of more than 30 centers that make up Amazon’s European logistics network. These centers are located in seven countries, including Spain, in the city of Madrid.

Upon payment of a commission on the final price of the product including shipping costs, once the products are on this platform, delivery of the orders and customer support management is the responsibility of Amazon.

Amazon also provides access to reports, analysis tools and sales information, enabling SMEs to “delineate business ideas that will help them set prices, marketing and product strategies more effectively,” says the giant in a statement.

Prior to the launch of this tool it was necessary to register on one of the brand’s pages in Europe (Spain, France, UK, Germany and Italy) to access the platform. With this campaign, Portuguese companies will have their own website and will be able to list products on Amazon’s five pages in Europe, through a single account.

How the platform works

1. Register the seller’s account

The entrepreneur or SME shall register on the platform by entering the requested data, including contacts. Through this account you can access Amazon’s logistics (Fulfilment by Amazon – FBA), being able to use, upon payment, the company’s distribution resources.

2. Upload your offers

The second step is to use web-based tools or text files to upload your offers to one or more European markets. At this point, you can select the FBA service which, in addition to dealing with distribution logistics, can provide customer support in the local market.

3. Customers buy their products

From the moment you have products listed on Amazon you can reach millions of potential customers every day.

4. Deliver the products to the customer

When one of your products is ordered, Amazon sends a notification by email and to the vendor panel and, if you have opted for Amazon’s logistics service, it will take care of the storage, collection, packaging and shipping of the products.

5. Receive payment

Your payment account balance, net of Amazon Seller Fees, is deposited to your bank account.

Mega Guide step by step: how to create a professional account and start selling on Amazon your products?

When it comes to selling on this platform, one could emulate those newspaper sellers who lured people to the shout of “latest news, latest news! Visit Project FBA on YouTube for more Amazon tips.

It’s a daily non-stop. That’s why, at this rate, we’re going to have to create a new journalistic specialty: “Amazon specialist”.

Indeed, the appetite of this giant does not stop growing, there is no sector that can resist it, it seems that now they want to disembark in the pharmaceutical sector, and that they are going to promote the B2B business in which they also have a dominant position in their country of origin the USA.

Ah! and they also want a piece of the football business cake, they are already bidding for the broadcasting rights of some of the most important European leagues and so you could go on all day…