Planning the Perfect First Date

She agreed to go out with you, so the hardest part is behind you. Now you just have to plan a first date that will sweep her off her feet. You want to get this right, so keep the following points in mind while you are deciding on the details.

Conversation is King

Choose a venue for your first date that will allow the two of you to converse openly. Yes, going to a movie or concert might be great fun, but you may not have the opportunity to really connect. This is especially important if your date is someone new in your life. You want to have the chance to share some details with each other and see if there is any romantic chemistry between you. This is much more difficult if you are someplace where you cannot have a conversation. If you do choose a venue like this, make sure to pair the activity with dinner or another activity that allows for some interaction.

. If you plan to take her to dinner, make sure the restaurant you choose serves food that she likes. Find out about any dietary restrictions that you have to plan around. In addition, make sure you are clear about transportation. Are you picking her up, or will the two of you drive separately and meet? Do you need to have some cash for valet parking?

Choose a venue that allows for some intimacy, but not too much. A nice “Mom and Pap” place is a better choice than an expensive fine dining restaurant. Go out rather than inviting her over for dinner, as she will likely feel more comfortable in a public venue until she gets to know you better.

Dress for Success

Wear something nice for your date, but avoid going too dressy or overdoing it with the cologne. You want to feel comfortable while at the same time looking your best, so pick an outfit that is appropriate. Do not dress down too much, as this may communicate laziness or a lack of interest.

Listening Skills

Ask your date questions about herself, and make sure you are listening attentively while she answers. Try to get an interesting, back-and-forth dialogue going rather than having one of you doing all the talking. Look for areas of common interest and use them as conversation starters. Ask questions that express a genuine interest in what she thinks and feels, and interject when you find points of agreement.


A bit of healthy flirting can make all the difference on a first date. If you do not flirt at all, she will think you are not interested, but if you flirt too much, she will think you are only interested in a conquest. Be playful, cute, and complimentary with your flirting, and follow her lead to