Remodel The Bathroom Of Your Rented Apartment

You live for rent and would like to beautify your bathroom?

That really works.

As a tenant in a bathroom, you are fixed on many things – but you don’t have to take everything as it is.

We present 14 bathroom ideas with which you are guaranteed not to annoy your landlord.

Ugly tiles become beautiful

Ugly bathroom tiles are a frequent dilemma.

Eventually expertly laid, they last for half an eternity and of course do not wear out. New tiles are a matter for the landlord.

So what to do?

You beautify your tiles

For example, with:

Large wall tattoos

Tile stickers and tile foils

And don’t worry: If you move out or don’t like the pictures anymore, wall tattoos and Co. can be easily removed.

You complete your tiles

Often even more beautiful than laminating tiles is to make them look good.

By matching them with other colours – wall paints, towels, bathroom carpets, sun protection, decoration, etc. – you can make them look even better.

Even if it is not the colour palette of your dreams: well balanced wall tiles stand out less strongly, the bathroom looks more harmonious and generally calmer.

More storage space = more practical bathroom

Storage space is another minus in many tenant baths – where you could use it so well here.

Fortunately, today there are simple and good storage ideas where you don’t have to drill into the walls.

Which do not annoy any landlord. And come along when you move.

Four times storage space for the tenant bath you find here:

Freely placeable bathroom shelves and tables.

Roll container with and without seat, like Watson from Koh-I-Noor

Even more tips for buying a bathroom without drilling – here!

Freshness kick with new shower head

Astonishingly much comfort for small money also brings a new shower head.

Simply unscrew the old shower head from the shower hose and screw on the new one.

Keep the old shower in a safe place so that you can easily screw it on again when you move.

Lighting makes the bathroom comfortable

Excellent to embellish the bathroom in a rental apartment is new light.

Lighting that …

Your bathroom is transformed into a place where you like to be and where you want to be. Makes your everyday bathroom life brighter and friendlier – no matter whether you are styling your hair, brushing your teeth or relaxing in the bathtub.

So if you don’t like the old lights, just replace them.

Buy one or two beautiful bathroom lights (preferably with dimmer!) and install them. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t cost much – but it brings a lot!

Cosy shimmer with candles

Cosy candle shimmer gives grey everyday life no chance.

Our tip:

Don’t just light candles on special occasions, but as often as possible – in the evening, when you come home, for example.

Or just when you shower or bathe.

You will see: Candles are the specialists for a feel-good atmosphere.

New comfort thanks to toilet seat

If you don’t like the toilet seat or if it is old and dirty, exchange it for a new one.

All you actually need is the matching toilet seat and a screwdriver.

Tip! If you don’t know exactly which toilet seat fits your toilet, it’s best to unscrew the old seat and take it with you when you go shopping.

If you want to buy a toilet seat and toilet lid online, you should take exact measurements and seek advice if in doubt.

Treat yourself to a new shower curtain

A new shower curtain is a simple and very effective investment for all those who want to beautify their bathroom in the rented apartment.

It distracts from old-fashioned faucets and ugly tiles and at the same time offers a lot of space for personal use.

Whether dancing penguins, wild patterns or calm tree motifs – choose!

Decorate with personality

The most beautiful rooms tell the stories of their inhabitants.

So if you can’t choose the bathroom furnishings, you can score points with decoration that gives you a good feeling and at the same time lends the room personality.

How can this be done?

With your own photos, for example, or make a themed bathroom with your favourite hobby.

Tip from 417Handyman home repair and remodeling. Shop with a goal. Do not look for something that fits into your bathroom, but take something with you because it is beautiful.