Text Your Ex Back review

This Text Your Ex Back review examines the heralded relationship self-help course in which creator Michael Fiore teaches readers how to harness the power of the ubiquitous text message to reclaim lost love. What makes this system special is not just the use of text messages, but also how expertly and deliberately they are used to achieve the objective at hand. One could just as easily push a former lover away with a text message as he could pull her closer. But with the calculated approach and carefully composed messages Text Your Ex Back recommends, nothing is left to chance.

Expert communicators will agree that timing and delivery are of the utmost importance, and it is this principle that Fiore uses to turn the humble text message into a powerful means of healing old wounds and transforming emotions. The author admits that getting your ex to give you another shot is no easy task. Breakups are messy, people hold grudges, and no one wants to sign up for a repeat disappointment. However, he also claims that, with the right approach, even badly damaged relationships can be put back together.

How It Works

The first thing readers are asked to do is step back and wait. When both parties involved are in a raw, heavily emotional state following a gut-wrenching breakup, there is little to be gained by making contact. It is best, the author claims, to let emotions settle for a while and gain a bit of perspective on the situation. Making contact too soon, in his words, is like “trying to repair the damage from a hurricane while the storm is still going on.”

Once the cooling off period has elapsed it is time to make initial contact. There are specific types of messages designed for the various stages of the reconciliation process. The first one is a simple ice breaker to reestablish contact and get a feel for where things are. From there, a feedback system is used in which future texts are determined by the response (or lack thereof) of previous ones. The idea here is find a crack in the proverbial armor and slowly get back in the good graces of your ex.

What You Get

There are six different modules used in Text Your Ex Back, each designed to help put the pieces if the broken relationship back together. These types are as follows:

  • Across the Bow: These are ice breakers that get the conversation started, and are designed to get a response when previous attempts have gone ignored.
  • Best of the Relationship: The idea here is focus on the highlights of the relationship and get the focus off of what went wrong leading up to the breakup.
  • Intimacy Boosters: These messages help rebuild the trust, respect and intimacy that were lost during the split and allow the two of you to make a fresh start.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: These clever messages use a bit of jealousy to stoke the flames of passion.
  • Emotional Honesty: If you want to gain back her trust, you have to own up to the part you played in the breakup and put yourself out there emotionally.
  • Text Judo: These will help transform any lingering negative emotions into opportunities for honesty and intimacy.

The Magic of the Program

The real secret of the Text Your Ex Back system is the complete control users gain by communicating via SMS. When speaking face to face or over the phone it is incredibly easy to say the wrong thing or react instinctively before thinking. When messaging, you can be much more controlled and deliberate. You can make sure, with the guidance provided in the course, that you always say the right thing at the right time.

The texts you will be sending are succinct and direct. They are composed so that there is no room for misinterpretation, so you never have to worry that they will be misconstrued or taken the wrong way. Every text you send will be appropriate for the situation. This powerful, effective system has already helped thousands of couples get back together. Pick up a copy of Text Your Ex Back today if you want to get your ex back.

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