The Absolute Leather Jacket Must-Have

You don’t have a leather jacket in your closet yet? You should change that as soon as possible. The Leather Jockstraps is an absolute must-have. Why exactly, you can find out here – the best buying tips are available right here.

A leather jacket is far more than a simple piece of clothing. This can also be justified historically. The origins of the leather jacket lie in the clothing of the US fighter pilots in the Second World War. A wind- and weatherproof, practically indestructible, short jacket made of horse leather with an elastic waistband was developed for them. Already at that time a certain hero myth attached to it: During the war, the pilots wore jackets with a message embroidered on the lining: “I am an American pilot and don’t speak your language. Please take me to the nearest Allied base.” How many men this leather jacket has saved their lives is unfortunately not known. What is known, however, is that the Irving Schott brothers developed their “Perfecto” jacket from this original form in 1927. A short leather jacket with asymmetrical zipper, several practical pockets, lapel collar and a belt that also served as kidney protection. This jacket was specially designed for motorcyclists and exclusively distributed by motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson. The final breakthrough for the leather jacket came in the 1950s with the film “The Wild One” in which it gave Marlon Brando immortal sex appeal in the role of a motorcycle gang leader.

Even today, when you think of the leather jacket, the first thing that comes to mind is the motorcycle. But you don’t have to be a motorcyclist anymore if you want to wear a leather jacket. From the very beginning, the black leather jacket has the aura of rebellion, of being different. That’s why it was always the favourite outfit of rebellious youths.

Why is the leather jacket a must-have?

Hero myths, sex appeal and rebellious statements are the buzzwords that explain why the leather jacket always finds its way into fashion shops. And it never goes out of fashion. It is the long runner among jackets. And is absolutely part of the basic equipment of every men’s wardrobe. But there are even more stylistic as well as practical reasons why you should definitely strike and become a leather jacket wearer.

Hardly any other jacket gives you as much character as the leather jacket. Since the leather jacket is usually associated with the biker scene, it automatically turns its wearer into a cool, daredevil type: a little dangerous and at the same time incredibly casual. You can underline this look by combining the leather jacket with washed-out or torn jeans and biker boots. You can also make the leather jacket look very chic by wearing it with straight-cut fabric pants and a turtleneck sweater. The leather jacket is thus the purest multi-talent and can be styled to almost any occasion and still gives the wearer an individual charm and above all a – recognition value.

The leather jacket is an absolute must-have not only from a fashion point of view. In the so-called transitional seasons of spring and autumn, a leather jacket is particularly practical. When the temperatures slowly get warmer and the weather can’t decide between sun and rain, the leather jacket is the garment you should choose. The leather jacket keeps you warm at mild temperatures without sweating. If you don’t want to do without the leather jacket in winter, you should choose a model that is lined with fur on the inside, for example. Then it will keep you warm and cuddly even in winter.

You want to buy a leather jacket now? These tips will tell you what makes a good leather jacket and help you find the perfect leather jacket for you.

How should a leather jacket fit optimally?

If you are looking for a leather jacket in a shop and have found a beautiful one, you should definitely try it on in a size smaller than your standard size or the size in which you normally buy jackets. As far as the fit is concerned, you should also make sure that the fabric of the jacket does not protrude more than 7-8 centimetres at any point. The leather expands when you wear it. So don’t buy the jacket too big, because it will be a bit wider anyway. When trying on the jacket, always close it up to the top. Does the leather jacket feel comfortable and does not stretch at the back or under the armpits? Then you have found a leather jacket that fits perfectly.

Leather bomber and biker jackets should ideally only reach up to your belt and not beyond it. This may feel a little short and unusual at first, but this is the only way to wear this type of leather jacket properly. If your jacket reaches beyond the crotch, it is definitely too long. The point is: a jacket that is too long makes you look smaller.