The Language of Desire Review

This language of desire review is of a relationship program created by Felicity Keith that any woman can use to learn how to drive their man wild without having to take off even a single article of clothing. While the language used may be uncomfortable at first when you are not used to the concept of “dirty talk,” you will soon get used to it. The information provided is invaluable and incredibly insightful and the way it is presented makes it easy for anyone to grasp.

How does it work?

The program includes an amazing ten modules that ladies can study, picking up subtle seduction skills along the way. Each of these modules covers topics such as male psychology, various aspects of male/female relationships, erotic communication and intimacy. At the end of each module, there is a short test that lets you know whether you truly grasp the information being covered or not. Thus, this tool ensure that you have sufficient opportunity to ensure that you have developed he right skills.

Modules in the language of desire

Module 1: The Intro

This module tells you more about the author and way she is devoted to changing the way the so-called good girls think and act.

Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman

This part is all about encouraging women to speak dirty without feeling afraid of being labelled. It is designed to help you get rid of the mental programing that stops many people from being sexually open.

Module 3: Loving man’s best friend

There are many differences in what men and women want from sex. Men prefer porn style sex and adoration from the woman while women prefer things to the a little more on the romantic side. These modules will help you understand more of what your man truly desires so that he will be more likely to reciprocate and provide what you want. You will learn how to speak more primally.

Module 4 – sex and brain chemistry

Women do not understand men when it comes to sex. Most men love it more than they do football and there are all sorts of scientific evidence in this module teaching you about the pathways into a man’s brain that will help you designate a specific action or object that will program your man to expect sex. In the “Sexual Singularity” section, you will earn certain phrases that men simply love to hear.

Module 5: erotic action movie technique

This module is dedicated to teaching you how to be more energetic in the bedroom. Apart from sexual fulfilment, sex is also about being entertained.

Module 6: Desire Intensifiers

You probably already know that it is futile to have sex just for the sake of it. Build up is very important. This part teaches you how to create tension, using “tease intensifiers,” or “oral intensifiers,” that are going to help you feel more sexually powerful as a woman.

Module 7: upgrade your relationship status

This is meant for any woman who is into casual dating. You will learn what to do if you want to get something long term from those casual dates.

Module 8: Getting your fantasies met

While previous modules have been all about showing you how to cater for your man’s sexual whims, this one will show you how to get him to meet some of your own fantasies.

Module 9: When sex isn’t possible

Let’s say you already enjoy a wonderful sex life with both of you fulfilled. But what if something that creates a rift between you two comes up? How do you keep the furnace burning? Well, this module has lots of information on sexual satisfaction outside of conventional sex.

Module 10: mastering dirty talk

This summarizes all the other modules in order to fine tune your skills. Here, the goal is to help you get the big picture. If you are already successful, the author tells you how to pace you newly found sex life so you won’t get sexually exhausted too soon.

Why is it so popular?

Undeniably, the language of desire has enjoyed an impressive success rate around the world. Keith is simply amazed at the impact that her simple trial and error techniques have had on the lives of other people. The program is available has a simple digital download so that it can be accessed via any electronic device such as an iPad or Samsung so that you can brush up on a few tips while commuting, on your coffee break or in the evening.


With 10 incredible modules combined with 3 bonuses, women can now use their newly acquired language of desire skills and tactics to keep their men from looking elsewhere for sexual adventure. Talking dirty is an incredible way that a woman can use to build a strong emotional connection with her man, improve her sexual life, and deeply explore her partner’s and her own sexual desires.

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